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Keenes Crossing Elementary School10

Windermere, FL | Orange County


August 21, 2014

This school has 1200 students, and 10 kindergarten classes. It is way overcrowded and impossible to get your child into class on time during morning drop off unless you get to the school one hour before it opens. Picking up of children is just as chaotic and frustrating for the children as the adults. Chaotic dismissal and overcrowding of school does not make a good place for elementary students. Week one of school and already very disappointed. Thinking of a private or home schooling over this situation for my child.

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April 10, 2014

We love Keenes Crossing! The teachers are so engaged and really look out for my daughter's best interests. We moved here from MD two years ago and have been amazed at the level of great education that she is receiving!

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March 20, 2014


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February 8, 2014

I have had 2 children at the school for a year now and absolutely loved their teachers from last year and this year! They challenge my kids and really care about them! There are also great parents! Twice parents I don't even know have helped my children. Once when my son fell of his bike and got hurt and this week a sweet parent bought my child lunch when his got ruined. I am sure like every school you may have teachers or situations that are not ideal, but this school has been great for us and the families we know also love their teachers!

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January 23, 2014

This school is the cream of the crop. For the past few years I have had the wonderful pleasure of having an ESE student at Keenes Crossing Elementary School. I have been thoroughly pleased with the dedication of the teachers, the commitment of the staff and the "students first" attitude of the administration. I have never had concerns regarding my child's education and/or safety as school staff members are vigilant about education and security throughout the school campus. The Parent Organization has been extremely supportive of the school and students. Their efforts are reflected in the wonderful spirit and involvement displayed by the students and the families. I could go on and on, but there is simply not enough room and time. A quick eparting thought....when searching for a home and a school you should strongly consider a school whose administrations is award-winning caliber, a staff that is dedication and commintment lead to the best possible education I have ever seen a child receive and a school community the exudes family involvement and student succes....you should consider Keenes Crossing Elementary School! You will not be disappointed!!

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January 17, 2014

Not a safe harbor for my child. The main reason is an uncaring, irresponsible and wreckles principal. Staffing skills are non existent and supervision of the staff is a poor to say the least. My child had seven teachers in 2.5 years and almost all of them had issues with safety compliance and curriculum. I feel sorry for those great students and teachers that are stuck with no options. Hopefully something is done soon so this school can be saved from the obvious failure. It needs to start from the top. Parents, talk to your children and make sure are treated with dignity. Don't take anything for granted and don't count with the administration for help. Get others involved.

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January 16, 2014

One star is too high for this school. Worst public elementary school in Orange County. Completely neglected my child educationally, mentally and allegedly physically. I have three DCF (Department of Children & Family) reports ranging from, leaving my child unattended, loosing my child and a staff member physically abusing my child.. The administration is unqualified and uncaring to say the least. I would have never purchased a home in this school zone if I had any idea what a train-wreck this school was. Thankfully I was able to get a transfer due to their absolute neglect. Do not make the same mistake!

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January 5, 2014

Fantastic teachers and parental involvement! Teachers worm hard.to challenge students as well as reinforce missing skills.

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September 15, 2013

Our experience at KCE has been good. The school is full of lots of caring & well educated teachers. Parents are very involved and spend lots of time with their children and it shows. The principal is very focused on academics and test scores...she lacks greatly in social skills. The assistant principal, Ms. Amy Lerman, makes up for this big time. Not only does she know my KG and 2nd grader by name, but she also knows their quirks, likes, and personalities. She talks directly to them and treats them with respect. The two together make a good team. Yelling by the teachers is tolerated way to much. Ridiculous!Lunch in the cafeteria is lacking. Most of the lunch room staff have horrible attitudes. Parents have been volunteering and coming in to help there.KCE is a wonderful school overall...but regardless parents must be present! There is also a great sense of community.The school also has a wonderful gifted program and lots of great specials the kids regularly go to...science lab, science technology lab, art, music, PE,and writing lab. I would not choose another school in the area to be a part of.

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March 13, 2013

The very child-indulgent Berkley, CA parent's overall attitude shown in the post shows that the school was not the only party to his disappointment in this school as is alledged in the post. He had to be requested by the school officer to leave campus in the last "discussion". Teachers at this school don't just yell at students nor does the administration not do anything. His child was moved to another classroom where the complaining only got worse. Academically, Keenes Crossing is a top rated school in OCPS. All schools, as any other organization, will have flaws but overall this is a good school with caring teachers who want their students to give their best efforts...in this particular case, any effort.

Submitted by a teacher

February 5, 2013

My daughter and I moved here from Berkeley, CA. 1: On my daughter's first day of school, her teacher yelled at her for not doing her work independently. I mean she literally raised her voice at her out of frustration/anger. 2: They pledge allegiance and sing the national anthem every day. This is fine if you're into that, but some people just want their kids to learn at school, not form ranks and pledge devotion to something they know nothing about yet. 3: School lunches are basically 711 microwavable "food". 4: The principal is unreachable, not accessible, and distant. She sends her assistant out to deal with everything. 5: I watched the office secretary physically pick up a screaming child and drag him to class rather than let him calm down and find out why he didn't want to be there. 6: One day I forgot to make lunch for my daughter. I take full responsibility for this, but my daughter asked her teacher if she could call me to get lunch and she refused to let her. 7: The student pick-up/drop-off system is a mess 8: School work is tedious, concepts are breezed over, kids are tested every Monday. Kids learn at different rates. The slow ones are left behind. 9: PTA?

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January 12, 2013

If your child is normal than by all means this school is great But if you have a child with Autism I suggest you look elsewhere!! Some of the teachers were not properly trained to handle behavior problems with autistic students and the answer was to isolate. My son escaped several times from them and would scream and beg not to go to school but would not tell or explain why? They don't look to kindly to outside help either in terms of other higher trained specialists. Again if your child is normal than I believe this is perfect school but if you have child with special needs look elsewhere where the teachers actually have degrees in Early child dev/Educational/Special Needs and behavior specialists that have more training.

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January 11, 2013

We love this school and so do our children! There are many wonderful families that are involved with making this school so great. The teachers are caring and really want the best for your child. The school councelor it fantastic! He has been so helpful and has innovative ideas. We think it is a great school and would highly recommend it.

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August 1, 2012

The Teachers care so much about each child's progress. PTO and After care program is wonderful too.

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July 31, 2012

We moved from an exceptional school in Connecticut and were concerned about the Florida public school system. We have a 5th grader and a Kindergarten student. We have been extremely happy with the teachers and curriculm at Keene's Crosssing. Sure there are things that don't go perfectly every once in awhile (particularly at the start of school year) but once they work through the kinks, this is a great school. The teachers are creative about motivating the kids and give so much of their personal time to make school fun. We haven't encountered any bullying or bad behavior by teachers or students and everyone is genuinely nice. Our kids and their friends all love going to school and there always seems to be something exciting going on for them. I'd be remiss if I didn't give a special recognition to Mr. Schroeder and Ms. Vason who we're certain will forever be our kids' favorite teachers. Mr Baron, the Assistant Principal does an outstanding job as well. The school rating attests to the quality of the academics but these parent ratings attest to the quality of the experience and we're not surprised to see so many 5 stars!

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