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Updates to the City of Clermont's Master Plan

Friday, December 20, 2019   /   by Harvey Rosenberg

Updates to the City of Clermont's Master Plan

We've all seen the construction downtown right? Here are the latest images from the City of Clermont's Master Plan. 

Currently under construction, the Art Walk. The Art Walk will break ground by 2020 with estimated completion by the end of 2020. This festive new walkway will celebrate our local artists with plans for a covered pavilion and an open-air space for vendors to set up their tents. There will be an opportunity for donors to get involved and be recognized with their names along the path.

Free WiFi, in progress.

Kehlor Recreations Center on 466 Minneola Ave. Amenities will include a multipurpose room, restrooms, and storage. Popular Champions For A Lifetime senior programs held at the Clermont Arts and Recreation Center have been expanded to the new Kehlor Recreation Center.

New Kehlor Building under construction August 2019

The next part of the Master Plan strikes at the heart of our Downtown. The proposed improvements include streetscape, landscaping, bathrooms, lighting, upgrades for event lighting and music, banners and beautification. We plan to construct this $12 million project in three phases to allow for continued business operations and traffic flow in Downtown. 


Phase 1, which includes West Avenue (Montrose to Osceola streets) & Osceola Street to 7th, has been under construction since Oct. 21, 2019, with an estimated completion of Summer 2020. Osceola Street will be brick-paved, while West Avenue will be refinished with asphalt. Landscaping will enhance the streets. Parts of Legacy Loop Trail also will be continued as part of this phase. 

You may have noticed temporary fencing go up near the lake and trail in the grassy area between 7th and 8th streets; this is being used as a staging area for the project.

Here's a breakdown of Phase 1's construction phasing and timeline:
Streetscape Phase 1 Color Exhibit with Phasing

We are working on plans for a "Meet Us in the Middle" plaza to celebrate our location as the halfway point along the state's Coast-to-Coast Trail, about 100 miles from each coast.

Map Showing Clermont in the Middle of Coast to Coast Connector Trail