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Condo vs. Townhome: How to Decide What's Right for You

Friday, December 7, 2018   /   by Harvey Rosenberg

Condo vs. Townhome: How to Decide What's Right for You

We have a lot of beautiful townhomes and condos in the Clermont area, with more in construction. Many condos are also available in the Orlando area if you are looking to be closer to work. Deciding if a condo or a townhome is right from you comes down the differences in each type of property. The main differences come down to structure, common areas and amenities the homeowners association.

Structure of Townhomes vs. Condos

A condominium, or condo, is typically an apartment-style home within a larger building. Most often they are one level (no stairs or multi-levels within the condo.) The owners access their homes through a shared entry and hallway with other condo owners. While there are not many condos in Lake County, you do see these in the downtown Orlando area. 

A townhome,  or townhouse, is typically a row of connected, multi-level units. Townhouses often look like rows of houses sharing the side walls. Entry is through your own front door and many come with their own garage. Townhomes in the area can be found in Magnolia Pointe and the Clermont Yacht Club for example. 

Occasionally, these side by side townhomes may be referred to as a condo, so be sure to be clear with your agent what type of structure you're looking for.

While a condo usually does not have any green spaces, a townhome may have a front and backyard which may be maintained by the owner or association depending on the location.

Common Areas and Amenities

While condos typically have a forced common area by way of the entry and hallways, other common areas and amenities overlap with both types of housing. Parking is generally a detached garage or a parking garage for condos. Townhomes in the area usually have an attached garage.

Common areas such as pools, fitness centers, conference spaces are usually within the building of a condominium often exist in a separate building for townhomes.


For the most part, all condos and townhomes are part of a homeowner’s association. Fees cover building upkeep, security, common areas, and pool maintenance. In gated communities such as Magnolia Pointe, these fees also cover road maintenance.

It's very rare in this area to have a condo or townhome that does not have HOA fees.

Homeowners Insurance

Since a townhome is treated more like a house, insurance is higher to cover both the inside and outside of the structure. However, this could vary based on what the HOA covers as well. If the exterior of the units is part of your HOA fees, talk to your insurance agent about the appropriate coverage.

Whereas, insurance on a condo only needs to cover the interior of the unit.

Are you in the market for a condo or townhome? Contact our agents to find the right home for you.