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Simple Decorations for the Holiday Season

Friday, October 25, 2019   /   by Harvey Rosenberg

Simple Decorations for the Holiday Season

If you are selling your home during the holidays, you may have some questions about how to decorate. Do you go all out and hope the potential buyers like your style? Or do you keep it barren and deprive yourself of holiday cheer?

There is a middle ground. You can, and should, decorate for the holidays. Potential buyers recognize that it is the season to be merry, after all. However, keeping the decorations simple will make it easier for your home to shine through without being run over by a reindeer.


When it comes to holiday lighting, ar you a Clark Griswold or a Martha Stewart? While we don't think you need to go overboard with everything perfectly placed like Martha, we do thing a color scheme is best. Stick with all white or all red color for lighting. Go for steady on or a twinkle light. Having the same color throughout the home is less distracting and doesn't pull focus away from the home's features. 

Outdoor Lighting

The same concept goes for outdoor lighting as well. Keeping it simple with lights trimming the house adds a beautiful festive look. A lot of yard decorations may pull focus and turn potential buyers off. Not to mention, extension cords and deflated decorations are not appealing during the daytime hours when it's most likely buyers are viewing your home. Stay away from them. 

Go Green

One way to have simple decorations for the holiday season is to use greenery. Think natural boughs of pine for mantles and archways. These are a lovely way to celebrate the winter season with the fresh scent of pine. Simple greenery doesn't need any adornments either, but feel free to add some pinecones or red holly accents as well.

Greenery works for your front door as well. No need for an ornate wreath when a simple lush pine bough wreath and a decorative ribbon will do. 

Trees and Ornaments

And speaking of greenery, what do you do about your Christmas tree? If you're showing your home, pack the family ornaments and heirlooms away. You don't want to chance damage. Keep it simple with the same lighting scheme and red ornament balls. This won't detract but still looks festive.

As for the tree, you can do real or artificial. Just remember that if you opt for a real tree, you'll need to take care of the needles more often for home viewings. 

Need help deciding what to do? Ask your Realtor. He or she has seen hundreds of homes and can help you stage it beautifully during the holiday season.