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How to tell if it Is an Emergency or a Maintenance Request?

Friday, January 4, 2019   /   by Harvey Rosenberg

How to tell if it Is an Emergency or a Maintenance Request?

Do you know when to call your building or property manager? Can you tell what constitutes an emergency and what can wait?
A good guideline to follow is that if the issue will cause immediate further damage, then it's an emergency. If not, it's a maintenance request. 
Here are some examples to help clarify.

Example 1

If the renter notices a continual water leak but can't stop the issue, it's considered an emergency. However, if the but the issue has stopped and only water damage repair remains, this would a maintenance request.

Especially during rainy months in Florida, there isn't much your property manager can do until the rain stops. Call or email management, but understand a fix may be delayed until the rain ceases. In that case, use buckets or towels to collect the rain and avoid further damage. 

Example 2

It's August and the Air Conditioning unit has failed. And while it's uncomfortable, this is generally not an emergency. Call or email your property manager and submit a maintenance request. Know they will put this request above others.

Example 3

If you have a power outage, first check to see if it's the entire area. If that's the case, there's nothing your property manager can do. However, if it's just your home, it's likely a maintenance request. This is trickier to figure out, so still call it in (after you've verified it' just your unit,) and your management team can determine if it's an emergency or not.

Example 4

If you see smoke, this is an emergency. Please don't email us about this or send a maintenance request. Instead, call the fire department or 911 immediately and evacuate the building.
Safety should always come first. If you feel an issue may put someone in danger, please consider it an emergency.