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How to get Your Home Ready for a Home Inspection

Friday, January 3, 2020   /   by Harvey Rosenberg

How to get Your Home Ready for a Home Inspection

If you're selling your home, you'll want the home inspection to go well. A poor grade and you could end up spending more on repairs at the closing table. Follow this simple checklist to prepare for a home inspection.

  • If the home is empty, leave utilities on. This is wise even beyond the inspection as potential buyers want to turn on lights and try out faucets. 
  • Make sure all electrical sockets work. Either plug something in to test all sockets or hire an electrician to run voltage tests. 
  • Test light fixtures and switches.
  • Check that ceiling fans work in both directions.
  • Check that faucets and toilets run properly. Make sure faucets aren't leaking. Check that toilets aren't running excessively.
  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Test them to ensure they work.
  • Clean stove and oven so they don't smoke when tested and set off smoke detectors.
  • Verify doors and windows open and close. Verify locks don't stick.
  • Clear any obstructions from water heaters.
  • Allow Attic access.
  • If you have exterior buildings, make sure keys are available.
  • Remove brush and debris from exterior inspection points.
  • Provide documentation for major renovations and repairs.
  • If you have a well and septic tank, provide a sketch showing its location.
  • If you still reside in the home, plan to be away for at least three hours.
  • If you have pets in the home, bring them with you or be sure they are crated.

While the buyer will pay for an inspection, consider having one done prior or just after you list this home. Any fixes you have done before an inspection will look better overall to a potential buyer. Plus, it's fewer items you may need to negotiate down the road.