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Do you Need to Upgrade Before You Sell?

Friday, August 31, 2018   /   by Harvey Rosenberg

Do you Need to Upgrade Before You Sell?

Does it feel like you need to spend thousands of dollars on upgrades just get your home sold? While certain upgrades will in fact, fetch you a better overall price, others are just may just be excess money you don’t need to spend. We look at what upgrades you should and shouldn’t worry about when trying to sell your home.




Perhaps the number one thing homeowners think to upgrade before selling is the kitchen area. Shiny new appliances and gorgeous countertops sound appealing, right? However, the buyer may have very specific tastes. Upgrade outdated appliances with newer models, but don’t feel the need to go all out on a kitchen remodel.



Just like in the kitchen, bathroom remodels may not recoup what you put into them. Updating and deep cleaning may be better investments. Check the caulk work, remove any dated fixtures, and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. If you think the cabinets look dated, paint instead of replacing. Replace shower doors with new or use new shower curtains for a clean look as well.





If you have stained carpet, it’s worth replacing as it improves first impressions dramatically. Again, just going with a basic carpet is all that’s needed. No need for plush carpeting. Stick to a neutral color as well. You may also consider replacing with vinyl or laminate, depending on the buying trends.


If you have wood floors, it’s a good idea to refinish to remove any scratches. As with carpet, wood floors that are beaten up will diminish first impressions.



Fix anything that’s broken. That can include fencing, doors, pavement, sheds, etc. The rest, make sure it’s clean and trim. Do a power wash on driveway and siding. Hire a lawn service for regular weeding and trimming. Add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior.


Roofs are a major concern in Florida. Make sure your is new and up to code. No homebuyer will want an old or damaged roof.


Spent wisely, upgrades can give your home an increased selling value. Not sure what to tackle? Have an experienced Realtor walk your home and tell you what she or he sees as common area of concerns for home buyers.